Having worked alongside the Virgin London Marathon for over 3 three years, Phil is a marathon training specialist and provides support to up to 1,000 Virgin London Marathon Runners each year. He is the Official Team trainer of Whizz-Kidz & Macmillan Cancer Support. If you have any Marathon related queries, or concerns, then please get in touch.


I am regularly asked about products that will help runners with their training and performance, as well as an overall increased ejjoyment of their Marathon experience. I can recommend the following products that I use:

  • Garmin

    Will help you monitor your heart rate, speed, distance travelled, and loads of other features. If you aspire to run the Marathon in a certain time, then you can even download a training plan from Runner's World straight to the watch. This will help keep you organised, focused and motivated throughout your training. I have been using the Forerunner series for the last 3 years and found it an amazing piece of kit.

  • Skins

    There are loads of different compression clothing on the market but, in my opinion, Skins are the best. They help lower lactic acid production and improve circulation, which helps reduce fatigue and muscle soreness.

  • SiS Go Gels
    SiS Go Gels

    Energy gels definitely have their place in Marathons – runners just need to ensure that they practice with them and find a gel that works well for them. I have used SiS Go Gel's consistently over the last couple of years and they work extremely well with me (taste pretty good too)!

    Click on the link and use the code FITA39 to get a 20% discount on the products.

  • Energicer

    Energicer is a new sports cooling product that is applied to the skin via sweat bands which then cools down body temperature. Many marathon runners, triathletes and ultra athletes are using the product as it is significantly improving their performance as has shown to lower their heart rate, reduce sweating and dehydration, and is also helping with their recovery times.

    Click on the link and use the code FIT10 to get a 10% discount.

  • The Stick
    The Stick

    Muscle soreness and knots can often lead to muscular imbalances and injury. I've always used a foam roller to massage out any adhesions but have recently been converted to 'The Stick'. This is a great piece of kit that you can use on any of your muscles after training, or on a day off, to help increase circulation and reduce muscle knots. I have been using the Body Stick and also the Sprinter Stick as it is a little bit more portable.

  • Vitabiotics

    As you start training, you need to ensure you are giving you body everything you can you help you perform and recover well! Vitabiotics do a great range of products that will give your body the right vitamins and minerals for your training. I have been regularly using Wellman Sport and use Jointace whenever I have problems with my muscles & joints. I can't recommend these products enough!

    Click on the following and use the code FITASP to receive a 20% discount on all Wellman, Wellwoman, Jointace & Osteocare products.

  • 1000 mile socks
    1000 mile socks

    These are double layered socks which are amazing at preventing blisters, by preventing friction, and keeping your feet dry and cool! Blisters are problem that the majority of runners will go through and can be a pain to deal with – these help reduce the chances of getting them so I really recommend them!

  • Cherry Active
    Cherry Active

    After training I use Cherry Active to help with my recovery. The Montmorency cherries that are used are extremely high in antioxidants which help reduce muscle soreness and maintain muscle strength after training & competition. They also help with sleep quality. Please get in touch if you would like more information or to try the product.

  • Power Balance
    Power Balance

    Power Balance is product that has an embedded frequency of 7.83 hertz within it, which instantly restores and optimises the electro-magnetic balance within the human body. The key benefits of the product are; vastly improved physical balance, more flexibility, better focus and concentration, enhanced muscle strength and increased stamina.

    Click on the link and use the code FIT10 to receive a 10% discount on the product.

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