• "We've worked with Phil for several years and so are delighted to have him as our Team RNLI running trainer. Phil's qualifications, previous experience and knowledge of running events means that he truly understands our runners' needs. It's great to be able to offer our runners such a great service from someone we trust."

    Allie Preiss, RNLI Events Manager, (London)

  • "Phil very quickly found out my strengths and helped me use them to overcome my weakness's.

    I felt he cared with every breath while he used his considerable knowledge to help me peak and maintain fitness. He set up a regime uniquely designed for me and my mission."

    George Harris: Actor - Layer Cake, The Interpreter, Harry Potter, National Theatre.

  • "As an Ultra Athlete it's important to have people around you to help you achieve your goals. I was lucky to have been introduced to Phil prior to this years Race Across America and was so impressed with him professionally that I wisked him to not only joing the crew but to become one of the crew chiefs to lead the team of 8 people.

    Phil was able to contribute to my final phase of ensuring that I was in the best possible fitness prior to the start, he also added massibe benefit to my recovery by using his sports massage knowledge and making sure that all the muscles were working well and fully recovered.

    From when Phil said yes to joining Team Inspiration, he has excelled at everything he has taken on, this has meant that in this years race I placed 6rh overall and was 12 hours quicker than my 2008 time. Words that describe Phil are:- professional, determined, deeply knowledgeable, calm, committed.

    Anyone looking to achieve a sporting goal should seriously think about taking on a personal trainer to help them tap into their potential. I have been competing at national & international level for the last 25 years and would be happily recommend Phil or anyone he puts forward from his team to help you achieve your goals.

    I am happy for anyone who needs confirmation of this testimonial to contact me direct via Phil."

    Jim Rees, Ultra cyclist, Ironman & author

  • After trying countless different diets with not much success I decided to try a personal trainer. I was already enjoying going to the gym but felt that I needed an extra push in the right direction and help to get the weight to shift. In eighteen months I have lost 3.5 stone and dropped five dress sizes. I can honestly say that not only do I look like a different person but I feel like a different person. I have more confidence, am much happier and have loads of energy.

    What I would say stands out with Phil is his perseverance and commitment to his clients. Not only does he change you physically but also mentally.

    But above all I would say that he is very kind and as committed to making you achieve your goals as you are to reaching them.

    Melissa (Letchworth)

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